Change Log
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Change Log

The current API version is v1.01.05

API Version Date Comments
1.01.05 January 31, 2021 Add Pending Results fields
  • Added SubmissionReleaseDate
  • Added SubmissionUnreleaseDate
  • Added SubmissionResetDate
  • Added SubmissionMCPReleaseN
1.01.04 October 22, 2021 Added field ResultsFirstPostedQCCommentsDate which corresponds to the Results First Posted with QC Comments date shown on the public site Key Record Dates page.
1.01.03 May 11, 2021 The Beta API introduced in July 2019 is now the operational API.
1.01.03 January 25, 2021 Add FDAAA801Violation field
  • Added field FDAAA801Violation to correspond to the Advanced Search function "FDAAA 801 Violations" checkbox.
1.01.02 October 9, 2019 First Update
  • Added concept of searching within subsections of documents
  • Added a single sub-doc, Location. May add more later.
  • Added a new Context operator, SEARCH[Location], to the search syntax.
  • Added a default generic search area for Locations, AREA[LocationBasicSearch].

    You can also search specific fields in Locations with areas such as:

    • AREA[LocationCity]
    • AREA[LocationState]
    • AREA[LocationCountry]
  • Updated SearchDefs to show Locations and the new areas
  • Updated search syntax documentation
1.01.01 July 3, 2019 Original BETA API release
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