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How to Find Results of Studies

This page contains information about how to use the classic website. It will remain available here until the classic website is retired. Please visit How to Search for Studies with Results to learn how to perform these same functions on the modernized website.


Overview of Studies With Results

When the results of a study have been posted on, the Status column of the search results list includes the note Has Results:

Search results list showing a study with Has Results status

To view the study results, click on the study title to view the record. Then click on the Study Results tab of the study record to view the results. You can also click on Has Results in the list of studies to go directly to the study results.

Study record tabs with Study Results tab

The study results page includes the following information:

  • Participant Flow
  • Baseline Characteristics
  • Outcome measures and Statistical Analyses
  • Adverse Events
  • Limitations and Caveats
  • Administrative Information

If no results have been submitted and posted on, the results tab is labeled No Results Posted. If results have been submitted but not yet posted, the results tab is labeled Results Submitted. See Display of Results on for more information.

Find Studies With Results Posted on

To search for studies with results posted on, go to Advanced Search and select Studies With Results from the Study Results field dropdown list. You can also enter additional search terms in the other fields. See How to Use Advanced Search for more information.

You can also use Filters to quickly identify studies with results. After entering a search term and clicking Search, scroll down the Filters list, located on the left side of the page. Click the + sign next to Study Results, and select With Results. Then click Apply (located at the bottom and top of the Filters list). Click on the study title to display the study record or the words Has Results to go directly to the Study Results tab.

Note: Results are typically only available for studies that are no longer recruiting participants. If your search for studies with results comes up with no studies, make sure that the following filters are not checked under Status: Not yet recruiting, Recruiting, Enrolling by invitation, or Withdrawn.

Find Studies With Results Published in a Medical Journal

Study results are often published in medical journals. On, publication citations are displayed at the bottom of the Study Details tab of the study record, under the More Information heading.

*Note: Some publications shown on the study record may not discuss the results of the study but instead provide related background information.

Publications are identified in the study record under the More Information heading of the Study Details and Study Results View of the study record:

  • Citations submitted by sponsors or investigators are displayed first under the subhead, Publications.
  • Citations automatically identified by are displayed under the heading, Additional publications automatically indexed to this study by Identifier (NCT Number).

Note: If citations are available for studies that do not have results posted on, the citations will also appear on the No Results Posted tab of the study record.

To view the citation:

In many cases, you can click on the citation to obtain an abstract (short summary) or full text of the article. Some full text articles are available free of charge via PubMed or PubMed Central®. You can also ask your local librarian about getting full-text articles through interlibrary loan.

The example below shows the More Information section of a record with two citations: one submitted by the sponsor or investigator and one automatically indexed to the study based on its NCT Number, NCT00178100:

More Information section of a record with two citations

This page last reviewed in March 2024